1. what is included with my appointment?

 all appointments in my suite come with a shampoo and hydration treatment included. a free trim, weaving net, and my signature curl is also included.

2. Is there a deposit required?

No, but a credit or debit card is required to book on my site.

3. Do I have to book on your site?

All appointments must be booked on my site. I can book it for you, but a $25 non refundable deposit must be paid at the time of booking.

4. What do I need to provide at my appointment?

for in-home appointments, Please just have a clean counter top or flat surface and the hair that you would like installed if it is not being provided by me. for suite appointments you only need the hair that is being installed unless its being provided by me. 

5. I have a dog/cat? Is that OK?

Animals are fine. Due to certain allergies, I ask that if possible they are kept in a separate room while I perform services. no animals are allowed inside the suite.

6. Must I use my card for payment?

I accept cards and cash. If paying in cash I will make sure your card is not charged thru my site at the end of your appointment.

7. Do you work with clients that have alopecia/ thinning hair or other hair problems?

ABSOLUTELY. I have extensive knowledge and hours of training in that area.

8. What type of hair do you suggest if I am purchasing hair from the local hair store?

The brands I prefer are Duvessa, Brazilian saga remy, Velvet remy, or as a less costly option I also like Purple Pack hair. As long as its 100% human hair I should be able to work with it. Please ask for more info on what hair is best for the style you would like achieved.

9. What type of weave installs do you specialize in?

I literally do it all! From Natural weave installs to full wig installs and everything in between! 

10. what are your travel fees?

there are no travel fees for Newport news and Hampton. all other areas are $20 for the first hour and $15 every 30 mins after.

11. I want bundles provided at my appointment. How do I order?

There is a non-refundable deposit required to hold hair for any appointment. Once your appointment is booked, please contact me to pay your deposit. 

12. are children allowed at the suite?

children are allowed at the suite. please ensure they have something to occupy them while you are receiving services.

13. do you except previously installed bundles?

yes. please make sure the hair is shampooed and deep conditioned prior to install. Hair should be product and thread free. Re-install of bundles from my hair collection include shampoo and deep conditioning of the bundles.




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